Friday, December 7, 2012

Pallet love - a Manger for Christmas

 I've been thinking about making another manger scene for my yard.  This year all I got done was the star and this little sweet manger.  Both were done with pallet wood.  I have a ton of it and there are many more projects yet to come with it.

One thing I learned about pallets is that no two are exactly alike. They are different sizes and shapes, and made of different types of wood, some better than others.  Since I got all mine for free, I can't be too choosy, but I love the texture and character of the wood.  Another thing I learned is that some are easy to take apart with a crow bar and a hammer, others will not come apart.  The pallet I'm using this time was one of those.

So I pulled out the saw and cut the slats off the frame as shown below.
I did use a 2x4 to brace the slats up as I cut them.

Please ignore the awful Arizona Winter Grass. 

Here's the pieces I used.  Three Slats and a larger one cut in a half circle like shown.

Spray paint the half circle white to be Baby Jesus' head.

I used a small piece of wood to join the main slat with the half circle like shown.

Drill two holes on either side of the top slat.  This will be where the wire goes for the arch.

I used a wire hanger for the arch.  Cut off the hook and push the wire into the pre-drilled holes.

I used some icicle lights and twisty-tied the lights to the wire in sections.  The rest of the string of lights will puddle on the ground in front of the manger.

Plug it in and you're done.

 A simple, sweet Pallet Manger. 
 Love it!

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