Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pallet Star

I've been thinking about making my own star for a while and since I'm a pallet hoarder, more on that later, I put this star together quickly and it's a great addition to my christmas lights.  I saw the original post on pinterest here.  My star only cost me $1.00 for the paint.  The pallets I got for free off Craig's list, and the lights and nails I already had.  
Cheap, easy, and rustic
 Love it!

 You need 5 boards roughly the same size.  Lay out your star and nail the corners together.  I added more nails in the center where each of the intersections happen to make sure it's sturdy.

Paint the whole thing white with spray paint, and wrap it with lights.

The kids loved helping on this project and insisted being in the pictures.  That's my #2 boy's foot in the above pic. Boys #3, and #4 are in the bottom pic.

 Happy Christmas!  

I will be adding a manger out of pallet wood tomorrow.  Be sure to come back for more!

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