Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Another 15 minute T-shirt upcycle

 I wanted something cute and different to wear to Thanksgiving this year and only had a few minutes to pull this one together.

Thank goodness it's super-duper easy and quick.

All you need is a t-shirt that is a few sizes bigger than what you wear.

I wear a medium and the shirt I'm using is an XL.
Here is the Before and After.

Before:  Huge and ... well boring, frumpy, etc.

After:  Cute, fitted, and flattering.  Score!

Here's the how to:

Lay out the shirt.
Measure your waist at the largest spot and divide the number in half.
Measure this number across the bottom of the shirt.  
Now you know how close you can make the bottom opening.
Pin like shown.  Tapering from the neck to the sleeve. Then tapering from the sleeve to the bottom of the shirt.

Here's two more closer pics of the pins to make the shape.
Cut the neck line out.

Stitch along the pin line.
Turn right side out and topstitich each seam at the shoulder and sides.

Here you can see the top stitching.  I also added two pin tucks at the shoulder to give the neckline more drape.

 Here's another close up of the neckline so you can see what I did.  I also folded over the full neckline and top stitched it down to finish the edge.

And Done! 
Here's my attempt to take my picture in the mirror.  
Didn't quite work right.  
I do love my Kate Spade iphone cover though.

 Another quick upcycle.

Go try it.  It's super easy!

I'd love to hear how it goes.  Feel free to leave links to your projects.

 Thanks for looking today!


  1. This is very cute- flattering and comfy I'm sure! Found this on Pinterest.

  2. This is very cute- flattering and comfy I'm sure! Found this on Pinterest.

  3. thanks for this straight forward tutorial - finally inspired to do something with some frumpy, yet sentimental, old t-shirts.


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