Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Behold Him Blocks

I've seen these blocks all over Pinterest and some neighbors got together last week to make some. 
 I'm kind of non- traditional in that I like to take someone elses idea, then tweak it to make it mine.  
Maybe you call it Craft-lift?  I know there is Scrap-lift.  
Not sure about Crafting, but I definitely do it.  Of course I always give credit to where it's due.  
That's just un-cool!  So here's my version of the Behold Him Blocks.

I used Burlap to go on the boards.  
Below are the measurements for the wood. 
 In the original, the bottom "HIM" block is out of a 2x6.  
I chose to use a 2x4 piece.

 I looked all over Google to find this image.  It took me a long time to find just the right nativity image I liked.  I reshaped it in photoshop to fit on my 2x6 board.

Get your wood and cut to size. You can even have Home Depot or Lowes do the cutting for you to save time.
Sand everything.
I painted each piece of wood all black.
Then measured and cut the burlap to fit each piece.
Next I used a sharpie to make the letters.
I drew a simple letter, then filled it in to the shape and font I liked with a thicker sharpie.

For the Nativity image, I layed my printed copy under the burlap.  It's surprisingly easy to see under the burlap.  I traced it, then filled it in with a sharpie.  It's really easy, even though it might not look like it.  I referred back to the original print as I filled in the shading etc.

Then I used mod-podge to stick the burlap to the wood.  
After they had dried, I used carpet tack nails to nail into each corner.  

It's a really big set so I put it on my pot shelf in the kitchen.  Perfect!

 Be sure to come back when I flip the boards over and turn them into a Valentines Display piece!

Here's to remembering Him this Christmas Season!
Merry Christmas!

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