Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Some Tee's for Christmas

 I get inspiration from many sources.  This Christmas time my kiddo's are getting Tees that were inspired by American Eagle.  They were super easy to make, and totally customized for each kid.
AE Signature Graphic T
Here's the inspiration.  Source.

 I don't have them modeled because the shirts are going to be gifts so the hanger on the door will have to do for today.

I cut out the first initial for each kid, along with the year they were born out of freezer paper.

Then I ironed on the freezer paper on the shirt where I wanted the letters.

Next I used black craft paint and brushed the edges to get the outlines of the letters.

After they dried completely, I cut out 3 layers of other colored T-shirt material of the letter.

Pin it in place and sew around the edge.



 For my youngest, the shirt isn't big enough for the whole year, so I just put the last two numbers of the year.  All other steps were the same.

My oldest gets a much bigger letter, 
...well because he's much bigger than the rest.  
Already taller by a few inches than his mama.  Sigh...

Lastly, I had some left over T-shirt material and came up with this upcycle for my girl.  
Again no modeling pics.  It's a gift.  Here's the how to.

This is what I started with.  Two long sleeves, a cropped pink tee that I had cut up for another project, and a larger size gray tee.

First I cut the neckline out of the pink Tee.

Next I cut off the bottom part of the larger Gray Tee.  This will be the bottom half of the shirt.

Here's what it will look like when it's done.

I don't know how to photo this part effectively, but just pull and stretch the edges of the gray piece.  This essentially finishes the raw cut edges and gived it a nice rolled 'hem'.  Absolutely no real sewing involved.

The long sleeves were sewn onto the inside of the pink top.  It was a little tricky to lay it out right and it's ok that the thread doesn't match.  We are going to cover that up.

Next pin the bottom gray piece to the top pink one, Wrong sides together.  Weird I know, but I love the raw ruffle-y edge it gives.  I didn't gather anything, just some random pin tucks as I sewed it in place.

 Here's two pics of the two pieces sewed together.  I really like the pleated edge.

Now for the neckband.  I had two long strips of pink material.  Again pull it to stretch the fabric and 'finish' the edge.  Lay one on top of the other and push the fabric up under the foot as you go to gather it.  Keep it completely random.  It's cuter that way.

I followed the same method of scrunch sewing strips around the top of the sleeve where the two pieces meet.
Here's a close-up of the finished neckline and sleeve.

 I thought the neckline would be too huge on my girl so I added a  super thin piece of elastic to the inside of the neckline.  It gathered it up nicely.

The shirt needed a little something more, so I cut four circles of the gray of varying sizes.

 Stretch the edges of the discs and layer them on top of one another, smallest to largest.

 I took a scrap of the pink strips and sewed it in a circle on top of the layered discs to create the flower.

 And done.  I can't wait to give it to her.  
Sweet and Cute!

Only a few more days.  I better get crackin'!

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