Monday, September 30, 2013

Chalkboard Art - The quick way!

My Sweet Sis-In-Law asked me to make some signs for an upcoming Church function.
She wanted some Chalkboard signs 
but I've been super busy and had to put them together quickly.
I have done the whole long process with stroke and noise filter on other projects, 
but for this one I needed to be quick and done.  
I will share the long way another day, but for today, 
let's do the quick way!

First get a pre-done background like this one.
I found it on Pinterest from Big Red Clifford.
She had some fun printables and font ideas.
Since this was for a Church function, 
I needed a font that was more decorative.

It already has the effect I was looking for and is fabulous.
I also discovered that if you use the { bracket } keys you get some extra flourishes.

So here's the quick and easy how to:

Open your chalkboard background and size it to the size you want.
The printables I made are 8x10.
The samples are only 4x6.

Type out your words and size them the way you want them.

Now let's add some flourishes.
This one isn't the exact one I used but is a close second.  
I've had mine for years.
It's just not there anymore.

Add one, and make a copy using Control+J or Command+J on Mac.
Control+T makes it so you can resize it. 
I flipped my flourish over to get a mirror image for the other side.
Select those two flourishes and Control+J to make two more copies.
Drag them to the bottom of the page or where you want them.

Then I added two lines using the custom shape tool to make a straight line.
One is slightly shorter than the other.
Do the same for both the top and the bottom flourishes.

Reduce the opacity of the lines and brushes to between 60-75% depending on what look you want.

Save the file and you're done!

These are the Scripture images I made.
Feel free to use them.
Just don't sell them.
That's just not nice.
I will hunt you down!  And if I don't find you "He" knows.

Chalkboard Art.
Easy and quick.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pallets and Stars

This is the last board in this batch for {J} over at Twigs and Twine.
I fell in love with this design when I first saw it over at Beyond the Picket Fence.
She is the Pallet Wood Queen.

It was super easy to put together and what a dramatic, yet beautiful piece?!?

I know I just did some Halloween boards, but I couldn't help myself.
A little Christmas?  A little Valentines?
Just a little Red Accent?
Take your pick.

I will definitely be doing more of these with different ribbons.
Plus you can't ever go wrong with some Costco Ribbon.

You can tell I've used a lot of it.
Here's one of the projects I did a while ago with the same ribbon.
It's satin-y and glitter-y all at the same time.
What a great contrast with the old rustic pallet wood!

Ok.  Here's the super easy how to:

Screw your pallet wood slats together with a cross piece in the back.
I did 2 cross pieces for added stability.
Flip it over and sand it well.
Now add your wax top coat and let dry.
I want the wood to be completely finished before adding the ribbon, 
since I can't really add stain or wax after the ribbon is in place.

For the next part, I just eye-balled the nail placement.
One center top.
2 near the edge about part way down.
2 more at the bottom closer together.
Just invision what the star will look like and mark where the nails will go.

I'm using small carpet tacks, but any small nail would work.
These just have a pewter finish that I wanted.
Plus I already had them.
Even better.

I pre-drilled a little then pounded the nails in about half way.

 Wrap your ribbon starting at the top, keeping the ribbon flat and nice between nails.

Tie a knot at the top as tight as you can, then tie the bow.
Trim off excess and clip the ends to make them pretty.
I did a V cut at the ends.

I tapped the nails in a little further after wrapping the ribbon to help secure them.

Add hanging hardware if you wish, otherwise add to your decor.

I just love Red.
Plus the combination of Red Ribbon and Pallet wood is perfect!
Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Boo to You!

Halloween is coming!
Time to start decorating!
I love putting together fun Halloween decor!
This one is super easy and quick to make.

Remember this one from a few weeks ago?
Well I copied the same method to make the Halloween sign, just changed it up a bit.

Contact paper is awesome and much-much cheaper than vinyl.
Plus the little grid on the back makes it super easy to create the chevron design strips.

Draw the lines on the back and cut out the contact paper.

Get out your burlap covered board.
I just stapled a piece of burlap on a piece of MDF that I already had.

Press the chevron contact paper firmly on the burlap
spacing the lines so you get a good even chevron.

Paint with a sponge brush, let dry and remove the contact paper stencil.
I did three boards this time and one set of stencils lasted the whole time.
I saved them on a piece of wax paper in case I decide to make some more.

Then I pulled out the Cricut and cut out the Boo and 31 using the Storybook cartridge.
Be sure to evenly space the letters out, press firmly and sponge on the paint.
Let dry completely and remove stencil.
Again the letters lasted me for at least 3 boards.

Add some hanging hardware to the back if you wish, or just set it up on your mantle.

Quick and easy!
Happy Halloween!

Pallet Love

This was a super quick project with some of my scraps of Pallet wood.
Just screwed together and sanded.
It would be perfect for a Master Bedroom, or for Valentines Day.

Again I'm using my Cricut to cut the word art out of Contact Paper.
Easy Peasy.

Press the Contact Paper in place and press firmly so you don't get any leaks.

Let dry completely. 
Remove stencil and place on wax paper for future use.

Sand lightly and add a wax paste topcoat.
Add hanging hardware and you're done!

Gotta love that pallet wood!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pallet Wood and Poe

It's actually starting to cool off here in Arizona.
I think we might only get to 90 today.
Yeah, I know.  ONLY 90 degrees.
But if it is starting to feel like fall, I'm all over that!

Doesn't Edgar Allen Poe seem like the Heart and Soul of Halloween?
He does to me.
Scary stories.
Scary images... ravens, hearts beating... 
Love it all!
So of course I needed to do my on 'homage' to Mister Poe.

I love how this piece turned out.
It was super easy, and while my decorating skills are lacking,
I still think it looks good.
I sent it off in my latest batch to Twigs and Twine at Zinnia's.
But I just may have to make at least one more for myself.

Since the stencil is made from contact paper, I can use it several times before having to throw it away.
I got 2 boards done, and saved the stencil on wax paper for next time.

I cut the letters out on my Cricut and the Stone Script font.
The bird came from the home decor cartridge.
I just left out the cut out center pieces of the wings and eyes.
I wanted a solid black raven for this project.

I gave the boards a good sanding, then a light white wash.
Press your stencils in place firmly to eliminate any leaks.

Brush the black paint on and let dry completely, or at least wait 20-30 minutes.
I know it's hard to wait sometimes, but it sure gives great results!

Here's one board finished with the stencil and the other waiting to dry.
Give it a good sanding to age it,
then a wax paste topcoat.
Add your hanging hardware and you're done!

I'm just playing around with the display so forgive my lack of decorating skills.

I tried it with the black pot.
But that didn't work for me.

I like this last one, but I'll admit it needs a little more.

I love Edgar Allen Poe!
Happy Halloween!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pallets and Birds Too

Day 2 of my wall art projects from Pallets.
Did I mention I was obsessed with pallet wood?

Yeah.  I think I did already.
But let me just say it again.

I'm obsessed with Pallet wood.

This one was another quick project made from 2 pallet slats, sawn in half and screwed together.
Sand them and then use your Contact Paper stencil the same way I did yesterday.
It's actually the same stencil.
You can use them over and over again.
I certainly did.

After the paint drys, give it a light sanding and add a wax paste finish coat.
Let dry and add the hanging hardware like I showed you yesterday.

And done! So Pretty!

More pallets and birds.
It's a beautiful thing!

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