Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pallets and Birds Too

Day 2 of my wall art projects from Pallets.
Did I mention I was obsessed with pallet wood?

Yeah.  I think I did already.
But let me just say it again.

I'm obsessed with Pallet wood.

This one was another quick project made from 2 pallet slats, sawn in half and screwed together.
Sand them and then use your Contact Paper stencil the same way I did yesterday.
It's actually the same stencil.
You can use them over and over again.
I certainly did.

After the paint drys, give it a light sanding and add a wax paste finish coat.
Let dry and add the hanging hardware like I showed you yesterday.

And done! So Pretty!

More pallets and birds.
It's a beautiful thing!

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