Monday, September 23, 2013

Pallet Wood and Poe

It's actually starting to cool off here in Arizona.
I think we might only get to 90 today.
Yeah, I know.  ONLY 90 degrees.
But if it is starting to feel like fall, I'm all over that!

Doesn't Edgar Allen Poe seem like the Heart and Soul of Halloween?
He does to me.
Scary stories.
Scary images... ravens, hearts beating... 
Love it all!
So of course I needed to do my on 'homage' to Mister Poe.

I love how this piece turned out.
It was super easy, and while my decorating skills are lacking,
I still think it looks good.
I sent it off in my latest batch to Twigs and Twine at Zinnia's.
But I just may have to make at least one more for myself.

Since the stencil is made from contact paper, I can use it several times before having to throw it away.
I got 2 boards done, and saved the stencil on wax paper for next time.

I cut the letters out on my Cricut and the Stone Script font.
The bird came from the home decor cartridge.
I just left out the cut out center pieces of the wings and eyes.
I wanted a solid black raven for this project.

I gave the boards a good sanding, then a light white wash.
Press your stencils in place firmly to eliminate any leaks.

Brush the black paint on and let dry completely, or at least wait 20-30 minutes.
I know it's hard to wait sometimes, but it sure gives great results!

Here's one board finished with the stencil and the other waiting to dry.
Give it a good sanding to age it,
then a wax paste topcoat.
Add your hanging hardware and you're done!

I'm just playing around with the display so forgive my lack of decorating skills.

I tried it with the black pot.
But that didn't work for me.

I like this last one, but I'll admit it needs a little more.

I love Edgar Allen Poe!
Happy Halloween!

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  1. I'd love to see a post on using the Cricut. I have no idea how that thing works.


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