Friday, May 31, 2013

My Beachy Bathroom Makeover for under $30

This is going to be a picture rich post. 
Just a forewarning.  

I'm so excited to have this latest project done.  
I'm so in love with it, and super proud of myself for doing it for under $30.  
My upstairs bathroom has been plain and boring since we moved in, 
about 2 years ago.  
Plus we have had a tote full of shells collected from our many beach outings just sitting in the garage.  
We have some really great pieces and no one could see them stuck in the garage.  
I've been thinking about ways to display them.  
I even considered a glass coffee table filled with sand and shells, 
but since my carpentry skills are lacking, that one got pushed out of the relm of possbilities.  

I also searched google and pinterest for ideas and didn't find a lot that I liked or could afford to do.  
I do have a huge stack of pallet wood and crate wood from my scouring construction sites and Craigslist.  
All for free.  
So I didn't spend any money on the wood I used.  

So what did I spend money on you might ask?  
Well here's the breakdown:

$14 on Chalkboard paint
(I didn't have some already and only used 1/10 of what was there.  Plenty more for more projects)  

I spent $6 on sheets for the shower curtains.  
$5 for the lime green sheet at Walmart, and $1 for the white one from dollar days at Goodwill. 

Finally I needed hanging hardware, 
so I bought a pack of d-ring hooks at Home Depot for about $7.  

The grand Total: $27.  
That's it!  Awesome!

So you want to see.  Let's take a tour.

First the before's.  
Plain.  Standard.  Boring.
I did take the shower curtain down before the pics to wash it, but it was just a plain white one.  

The first to go up was the wood valance over the window.

It was actually a left-over piece of pallet that we cut down for the Garden box.  
The slats were already attached to the cross piece.  
I just added wooden knobs from my stash, painted, waxed, and hung it up. 

Next were my surf, sand, and sun boards.
Each was a cut down piece of pallet wood, painted, waxed, and hung.

My favorite piece is the surf board.
Also made of pallet wood.
I will share the how-to in a future post.

Very simple and very beachy.
A must have in my opinion.

Here's the collection all together.

Now for the other wall.  
I made these shelves with crate wood.  
They got a light whitewash, waxed, and hung.
They were perfect to display our our beach treasures.  
Some came from Hawaii, some from California, and some from Washington.

The shower curtain was 2 twin sheets, ripped up and sewn together in wide horizontal stripes.  
Button holes at the top finished it off.

There's the collection.

I had more sand dollars than would fit on the shelves and I needed something for the wall above the shower.
So I came up with this sand dollar garland.
They are just tied together with jute.

Last, the sink side.
There are a few fun elements here.
I google-mapped how far we are from a beach.
The closest one is in San Diego.
393 miles.  
That's a long way, but the sign was necessary for a beach themed bath.

I had an old cupboard door that I got from my sister.  
It got a coat of red for the frame and the inside got 2 coats of chalkboard paint. 
I still want to play with some chalkboard art, but for now, high tide works for me.

The hand towel holder was another piece of the towel rack cut down to size. 
I added some shells to the top of the shelf.

The counter vingette was a collection of glassware, a metal bucket, sand, and shells.  
I made the large jute wrapped jar myself.  
Super easy.

A few more pics.

Of course the before and afters.
It's amazing what a few dollars, some time, and creativity can do.

Have a fun Beachy kind of day!
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  2. Really nice - I love everything you did!

  3. sheets! Great idea! I painted stripes on curtains last year and that was one of the worst projects EVER. I'll remember for next time - SHEETS!!!!!! Oh and the reason I even clicked over here from Beyond the Picket Fence was because your window treatment is AMAZING and I wanted to pin it. :)

  4. Ummm so that comment above from "Tim" was not really from Tim... that would be my hubby who never signed out of his google. It was none other than Kammy, from Kammy's Korner. :) "Tim" would NEVER do something as ridiculous as paint stripes on curtains! haha

  5. Hello!

    I just wanted to inform you that you've been featured in a few SheKnows summer-themed articles! We love your blog and your bathroom and wanted the world to love it too!

    Hope you enjoy and feel free to share!

    Email me at for your feature button!

  6. Love love love!!! I painted my toddlers bathroom and aside from some artist rubber duck prints...I have nothing! And with no budget...well rock! I happen to have all the stuff lying around except the wax...which I've never used...guess I'll give it a try. Thanks!!

  7. Thanks so much for all the love! This was one of my favorite projects to date!


  8. Great use for pallets, so creative! - Wendi @ H2OBungalow

  9. Shelley, this is such a cool makeover! Love everything you've made in this ~ thanks for sharing!!!

  10. So great!! What a great imagination! I love it!!


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