Friday, April 18, 2014

Pallets on the Patio

Sunday dinner at my parents house is a tradition.
A few times each month my sisters and their families get together for dinner.
There are a lot of little ones running around and we have talked about
making a table and benches for them to eat at out on Mom's back patio.

I have wanted to make a pallet wood table and benches for a long time. 
Making this set for my parents fit the bill.
I've even had the perfect pallet sitting in my stash just waiting for me to help it achieve it's full potential.
Plus my stash of pallet cross pieces has grown to enormous proportions.
And a friend was moving and gave me the beautiful white table legs.

It was time.

The kids were out of school for Spring Break and my husband was gone hunting.

Perfect time.

I had the kids choose out all the pieces that were still good, not cracked or split.
The little ones helped me mark the measurements.
The older boy did all the cuts for the benches on the miter saw.
My oldest screwed in the table legs and helped me nail in the plywood table top.
Two of the kids sanded and painted the table top.
I painted the benches with some paint I found at Home Depot in the Ooops pile.

It was a gallon for $3.
Love it when that happens.

The tops got a good wax paste finish to protect the wood from 
the Arizona Sun as well as the little grandkids.

We loaded it up and took it over to my Parents house.
They had to close their eyes and we surprised them with the set.

They loved it!

My mom said she has been wishing for a table out on her back patio so she can 
sit outside in the mornings when it's still nice out to eat breakfast or work on a project.

I'm just happy to help fulfill her wishes, as well as my own secret desire to make a patio set.
Now I have to search for another perfect pallet to make one for myself.
It's OK, with my pallet wood obsession, it shouldn't take too long.

My backyard isn't too much to look at,
but this set could make any space look good if I do say so myself.

Here's to enjoying Spring!

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Friday, April 11, 2014

A Whole Lotta Pallet Love

I had some scraps left over from another project and have been thinking about doing some letters for a while.  

The inspiration actually came from here on Pinterest.  

But for some reason I wanted to do Love instead of Eat.  

Basically the same process.  

A little measuring, eye-balling, and miter saw cutting.  

Honestly I couldn't tell you the actual dimentions.  
I just used the scrap I already had and only needed to cut 
a few pieces like the corners of the O which is cut at 
30 degrees, and the side of the V which is cut at 45 degrees.

After cutting and sanding all the pieces, I actually did two sets, I laid them out on the ground to make sure they were going to work.  Then laid the pieces out upside down on the concrete.
I used some Gorilla wood glue and a staple gun to stick the slats together.

After they were dry, I drilled some holes along the seam.
Then threaded some bailing wire through the holes, pulling it tight to create the X
at each joint.
It added a little stability, along with a great decorative effect.
These are just sitting on my shelf for the photo-op, but
I did add some hanging wire to the backs so they could hang on the wall.
Since these are going over to Twigs and Twine, I didn't 
want to put a bunch of holes in my walls just for a picture.

But really, the letters could sit on a shelf just as well.  
The V may need a little help but that's OK.

Sorry they are kind of squshy.
Keep going, I fixed the problem.

A closeup of the seams and wire.

Just for kicks I took pics of the other boards I delivered.
Another bicycle one.

A new Cafe one.

This one was a custom order and since I was already doing one,
I had to do two.
The letters came from the alphalicious font for the Cricut.

Another batch of Pallet Projects done.
Happy Crafting!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Royalty

I was so stressed when the bulb burnt out on my Projector recently.  
I needed to send another batch of boards to Twigs and Twine and was at a loss of what to do.
So I went back to my old tried and true method of designing boards and pulled out the Cricut.
I found this cute crown on the Home Decor Solutions cartridge.

I cut it out on clear contact paper.
Then carefully placed the pieces on the prepared board.
A little white paint sponged on and it's done.



I think it would be perfect for a little princess room.

Happily, this board has already sold.
Love it when that happens! ;)

Have a Royal Day!

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Frame it up!

I usually scour pinterest for ideas on what to do with 
my stash of Pallet wood for pieces to take over to Twigs and Twine
I've thought about a possible frame for a long time
and finally found something that I fell in love with. 
The pinterest link is here.  
It's from an etsy site that no longer carries the frame, 
but I loved the design.  

Very simple. 
But of course I needed to change it up a bit and make it mine.  

I always do.

Plus I have loved playing with different colors like I did with the arrows. 

Very fun.  
A little funky.  

This frame it very big.  
The side and cross pieces are full pallet wood slats.  
The rest of the pieces are cut down from my scraps left over 
from making the arrows, plus one or 2 more slats.

I laid out all the pieces to dry fit them togethter and make sure they would line up.
Then sanded all the pieces and randomly painted a few of them.
Screwed it all together and stapled the chicken wire to the back.
A quick coat of polyurethane and some hanging wire and it's done.
I did add 4 triangle pieces to the back corners to raise the frame a bit from the wall
to make hanging pictures easier.
I purchased a small pack of tiny clothes-pins from 
Michael's with my 40% off coupon so they only cost me about $2 and I didn't use all of them.
The rest of the materials I already had.

I put it over my couch for display.
I love how I could change out the pictures easily.
I'm definitely going to make one for me soon.
It would also make a great message board in the kitchen.

Isn't it Lov-er-ly?
(I just watched My Fair Lady recently.)

Here it is up over at Twigs and Twine.

Happy Crafting!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Enjoy the Ride

 {J} over at Twigs and Twine asked me to do some more masculine
pallet wood signs.

I immediately went for the bicycle.

I found this great image over at The Graphics Fairy.
The original is much more detailed than what I can do with
a paintbrush on pallet wood bards.
But I think the effect is just as good.

Plus I found this fun font over at daFont for free.
It totally fits the bicycle theme in my opinion.

I did another one in the last batch but forgot to take pictures.
{J} didn't get to take a picture either for her facebook page.
It sold before she even got it hung up on the wall.

Love it when that happens!

Plus I loved the colors in the wood. Very textured and fun!

Perfect for that Man-Cave or home gym.

Ride on!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Point Me in the Right Direction

I recenly purchased a Miter saw.
Of course I had to play with it.
Let me just say I'm in love.

Can I really be in love with a power tool?


If you must know, 
I've researched and dreamed about what I could do with one too.
So when I finally got it home and unpacked and set up,
this arrow was the first project.

I love it!

It takes me about the same amount of time start to finish as my regular pallet wood signs,
but I get to play with power tools way more.


I did have to purchase some plywood for the backing to hold it all together.
But I can get 8 - 11" strips of plywood out of a regular sheet that only cost about $13 dollars.
I had the guy at Home Depot rip the plywood sheet for me.  
Easy peasy.
So with minimal paint, and some screws and wire this is a relatively inexpensive project.
But a miter saw is essential.

So let me show a bit of the process.
First I disassembled a few pallets to get some slats.
Because I'm piecing these together, I'm not sure how many per arrow.
Plus I made 4 of them at the same time.
Assembly line is definitely the way to go for me sometimes.

The plywood strips are 11 inches wide by 4 feet long.
I used the jig saw to cut the point at one end of the plywood,
as well as the center shaft angle.
I haven't figured out how to make the miter saw do those cuts yet.

Everything is really just eyeballed to length and size, except the fletching is 12 inches
from cut to cut.

The arrow point was cut with a 45 degree angle.
The fletching was cut at 22.5 degrees.

I lay out all the pieces and alternate the color and texture of the slats
to make it more random.
Then I paint a few pieces sage green and white.
Trying to make them not be all matchy-matchy.

Lay everything down upside down and lay the plywood on top
making sure it lines up correctly.
Pre-drill the holes and attach screws to securely hold each piece in place.

I added wire for hanging on the top of 2 arrows and the bottom on 2 arrows 
so you can hang them together or separate in which ever direction you want.

Done and ready for the top coat of polyurethane.

I think they turned out so pretty.
My youngest asked if I could make one for him too.
I definitely will do that.
But for now this batch is hanging up over at Twigs and Twine.

This is them hanging up in the store.
I also did the numerology piece below the arrows,
but unfortunately I forgot to take more pictures of the project before delivery,
so that is all I have.

The number 5 is cast metal from Hobby Lobby
and the 7 was made out of wire and screws.
The rest of the numbers are hand painted on.
Another fun piece that let me play with the miter saw and use up my scraps.

Double bonus!!

Have a super day!

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