Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Sweet Little Fox

{J} over at Twigs and Twine asked me to look for a fox to paint.
I definitely think I scored with this pair of sweet little foxes.
I have also been thinking about adding some framing around the slats rather
than using 2 slats in the back to hold things together.
The framing only took 2 more pieces of wood,
and the effect is super cute!

I've also been wanting to do more ombre pieces.
Coral seems to be a super hot color right now and I thought it would be
a good combination.

I think they turned out awesome!
In fact they have already sold!
Even better.

All I can say is that I'm glad I snapped a few pictures before they 
found their way into someone else's home.
I will definitely be making more of these.

A pair of sweet little foxes.
Love them!

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  1. Too cute! I think these are very sweet and wish I had them in my home!


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