Monday, February 9, 2015

Some X's and O's

I'm a little slow when it come to keeping up with technology. 
I still have an iphone 4.
I don't do Twitter.
And as of last week I'm an Instagram newbie.
You can find me @seeshellspace.

So for my inagural progect, I made these XO's.
I got the idea from Beyond the Picket Fence here.
She's my hero!

I love browsing her projects and someday I will be
as good of a builder as she is.

But as of now I'm keeping things simple.
These XO's were so cute!

It took a while to get the angles right for the cuts.
And I was super excited to find a good use for the
left over cross pieces of pallet wood.

One caution though, there are nails throughout the wood
and since I cut through the nail when I take the pallets apart,
the stem end of the nail is embedded in the wood with
no good way to take them out.
So you have to be careful when you put these together
and make the cuts.
Watch out for Nails!!

I'm also not super good at drawing diagrams in Photoshop,
but I hope this schematic helps.

I didn't give the lengths because these can be made to your desired size.
I made a big one and some little ones.

I started with the O and cut that first to the size I wanted.
Then laid it out and decided how long the X cross piece needed to be.
It's not a precise science, but we are working with pallet wood after all.
Nothing on those is precise!
Maybe that's why I love working with them so much!

I made 3 of them for the store and one for me.
One got painted gold, one white, and one natural.
I am going to paint mine silver so I can keep it up year round,
and not just for Valentine's Day.

This was my quick attempt at styling.
My sweet SIL wanted me to make her a heart for her Craft Night,
but wanted it unpainted so she could finish it herself.
So this version is au-natural!

I pulled out my burlap bunting and put this quick vingette together.

I think it turned out perfect!
I'm so loving the chunky XO!
I think I'm going to try some more letters that way.
I will definitely keep you posted!

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