Monday, July 12, 2010

Berry Heaven

Berries Berries Berries Yeah!
One of the main draws to coming to the Pacific Northwest was the berries. We just missed the wild raspberry season last summer, but I found a farmnearby that had Strawberries and Raspberries that you could pick yourself. So last week we took the kids out and we went crazy!

We came home with a Haul and I had to make my new favorite jam, thanks to my Sister-in-Law Kim. I thought I'd share the recipe. I promise it will be your new favorite too!

Strawberry (or Raspberry) Pear Jam
8 cups sugar
4 cups pureed pears (fresh is OK but more work. I use canned)
1 package sure jell
1 package strawberry (or raspberries)
1 cup smashed berries (either strawberry or raspberry)

Bring sugar, pears, sure-jell, and jello to a boil. Boil over medium heat for 10 minutes. Take off heat and add smashed berries. (I put on a rubber glove and smooshed them in my hands. Kinda fun!). Ladle into prepared jars, either quart or pint. Attach lids that have been sitting in super hot water to soften the rubber, and rings. Turn jars over and put them on your counter upside down for about 1-2 hours. Turn them right side up and leave them alone for 24 hours.

You're done! Doesn't it look super yummy?!?!

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