Monday, January 26, 2015

Pallet Herringbone Arrow

I'm kind of loving this herringbone look for my pallet art.
Arrows are always a good choice.

I came up with this design while sitting in the Doctor's office
waiting to see if my #2 boy will get his finger "freshened" again
or if the break is healing.
(Freshened means re-agitating the break so it will heal properly,
a disgusting and super cool procedure where the Doctor numbed his
finger and then jammed the break over and over with a large gauge needle.)

I know.  My inspiration comes in the strangest places.

Usually it comes in the early morning or late night hours when I wish
I was sleeping but my brain is in overdrive.

I loved putting together the hearts and wanted to try a different shape.
Gotta love arrows!

It took me a little while to decide how to put together the point
and then work my way down.
Each piece was put in place, marked and then cut.
I had to use the jig saw to cut the small piece around the arrow point.
Too close for comfort using the mitre saw.
I still need all my fingers. ;)

After all that, I sanded each piece and painted some of them.
I made 2 arrows at the same time, my normal MO, and it made
the process that much more productive.

I've got another one I'm working on now that is a custom order.
She wants it all grays and white, with a touch of blue.
I will definitely share when it's done.

After the paint dried, the pieces were glued in place and let sit overnight.
A good sanding all around the edges and some hanging hardware finished things up.

Herringbone Arrows!
This design will definitely be going to Junk in the Trunk in May.


  1. I love herringbone patterns! This is just so cute! Pinning! Thanks!

  2. What a cute DIY arrow... I'm featuring it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Me Monday.


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