Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jars and Racks

More Beachy things today.  

First off will be the fish-net jar.  
It's super easy to do, it just looks a little intimidating.  
Really it's not.  
I probably should have done more strands around the jar, 
but I'm happy with the result and it was just the added touch my glassware grouping needed.
I'm using a recycled Vlasic Pickle jar.  
It's big and has a great shape.  
And yes, we do eat alot of pickles on sandwiches around here.

You will also need several strands of jute.
The first one is a circle tied to be just smaller than the bottom of the jar.
Then measure at least 1 1/2 times the height of your jar for the side strands.
I cut 8 strands. 10 might be a little better, either way the process is the same.

Tie the circle, then add each strand, spacing them evenly around the base circle.

Set your jar on top and start tying over-hand knots like shown.  
Keep the spacing and the knot height as even as you can as you work around the jar.

Keep working around the jar alternating strands and tying the knots up the sides of the jar.
Tie another circle around the top of the jar.
Then tie the remaining strands to the top circle like shown.

I wrapped a couple of shell necklaces we got in Hawaii 
around the top of the jar and let some of 
the necklace drape down the side of the jar.  
Then added a bit of sand and some fun shells.
Beachy, perfect.

Now on to the shelf.  
This was mostly pallet wood, minus the wooden knobs.

The pieces were cut from pallets we used on the garden box.  
I left the slats in place with the original hardware. 
Those are stuck together like nobodies business 
so I wasn't too worried about adding more nails or screws.
Each shelf got a good sanding, 
then I added some wooden knobs I already had in my stash.

Each one got a light white wash, then I added a little color to each slat.  
Then another good sanding.

Each piece got a wax finish.  
Damp bathrooms aren't good for wood so they needed a layer of wax protection.  
Plus with my kids hanging and re-hanging their towels, 
it definitely needed a little more protection.

Each shelf got hung, then I placed a few shells and a necklace for decoration.
It's cute and the best part is I don't have to be constanly hanging up towels anymore!


Thanks for visiting!
Happy Summer!

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