Monday, May 6, 2013

A Simple Ombre Dress Refashion

I think I'm a shop-a-holic.  
The problem is that I'm super cheap/frugal/savy shopper.  

On my latest trip to Dollar Days at the thrift store, I came home with way too many projects for myself.  
I just kept walking the isles thinking to myself, "I could do this with that, plus it's only $1."  
Over and over again til I could barely see over the top of my cart.  
It seemed like all the other shoppers were staring at me trying to manuver my behemoth cart around the store.  
I finally forced myself to quit looking and leave the store.  
And I'm not allowed to go back until all the projects I accrued for myself are done.  

Thankfully that will take some time.

I've been kind of curious about this whole Ombre thing.  
I've scoured Pinterest for different projects and wanted to try my hand at it.  

I really like how the dress turned out.  
It was a super easy refashion.  
Just a little dye, and rework the sleeves.  
I do need to make a few new darts in the dress as it is a little big.  
Again, super easy.  

It was so comfortable, I think I will be on the hunt for more.  
Well, when I'm allowed to go shopping again, that is. ;)  
I do still have some fabric I bought at SAS a wile ago.  
I think it will become a version of this dress.

Let me show you what I did to refasion it. 
First, I mixed up the dye according to the manufacturers instructions, only using 1/2 the dye in the package.  I added the other half later.

Next I got the bottom part of the dress wet and wrung it out.

Next I dipped the dress in along with some jeans I thought I'd try dying.  Put the fabric in as far as the highest level of color you want.

Let sit about 15 minutes.  
Then add the rest of the dye, stir to mix well, and pull out the fabric to the next level you want dyed.  
Let sit for another 15 minutes or so.  
I think I got side tracked and left it in longer.  
No worries.  
It all turned out OK.  
After you're done with the dying, rinse and wring out the fabric. 
Hang to dry.  
I hung mine up in the garage on a ladder over a bucket to catch any drips.  
Sorry no pics.  The garage is a disaster.

After drying, wash and dry like normal separately in the washing machine.  

I did change the sleeves.  
I didn't like the cuffs so I cut them off, added a simple rolled hem, and used elastic thread to gather up the top of the sleeve like shown.

 Here's a closeup of the dye on the skirt.
It's a little patchy, but I don't mind.
It's still pretty.

Finally the dress is done and ready to go out.

 A simple Ombre Dress Refasion.

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