Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Gloria High-Low Refash

I picked up this Gloria Vanderbuilt Dress at the thrift store for $1 on my latest trip.  
I liked the subtle print and drape to the fabric. 
Originally I thought it would be a cute high-low dress and there would be enough left to from cutting the high part to make sleeves and a casing for ties just below the bustline, but alas there wasn't.  

I do still want to make a dress like that, it just won't be today.  

So it ended up a just a simple high-low skirt.  
Still summery and cute.  
Super easy to do.

The dress is simple and plain.  

Just not really what I'm looking for.

So let's start chopping.

First I cut off the hemline.  
Remember the ties for the bustline?  
They were still an option in my head at this time.

Next I laid out the dress folding it so that the side seams meet in the middle and the fold line is in the front and back.  Next figure out how high the 'high' part will be and mark it with a pin.

Then just cut a wedge out sloping down from the high point to the bottom edge.

Here's what it looks like from the front.  Trim the cut line if necessary to make an even edge.

At this point I realized my original plan was not to be, so I chopped the dress off at the bustline.

Then just add an elastic waistband. I double top stitched it this time.  It just looks more professional.

Then I serged and hemmed the bottom edge.  Serging or zig-zag-ing the bottom edge will help the hem to be more easy to work with and fold nicely.

Here's the finished high-low skirt.  Easy Peasy.

Fun, flirty, and summery.
You'll notice I'm not wearing shoes.  For some odd reason, I don't have any to match this skirt.
Darn it.  I'll have to go shoe shopping.
I know you can tell I'm so distraught about it.

I've been eyeing these over at 6pm.  What do you think?  Yes? or No?

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