Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easiest Top Ev-Vah!

I found this uber-cute stripe at SAS and while it's too thin for a skirt, it was exactly perfect for a Butterfly top.
This one is super easy to make and I think I need some more already.

All you need is to be able to measure, cut and sew a straight line.  


I did do a rolled hem on the sides and a bias tape for the neck but since you're using knit you don't need to do that if you don't want to.

First get your measurements.
You will need:
Elbow to Elbow
Top of Shoulder to Hip
Hip circumference divided by 2
Bust circumference divided by 2
Arm Pit to Hip

Once you have those numbers lets get started.

Lay out the fabric folded in half with the fold at the top.
This will be the shoulder line.
If your fabric stripe doesn't work with the fold at the top you may need to do a shoulder seam to attach the front and back.
Mark your measurements and cut according to the pattern.

 I added a bias tape strip for the neckline, but you could easily leave this step out or just do a rolled hem.

 Sew wrong sides together.  Be sure to use a wide stitch length to help prevent puckering the knit.

Fold the bias tape over and pin in place.

 Stitch tape down.

 Do a rolled hem for the sides if you want.

Now mark where your hip and bust numbers are and measure the hip to arm pit length.  Pin the stitch line to keep both pieces in place when you sew them together.

Do for both sides.
Stitch the side seams.

And done!
Uber-cute right?!?

This may be my new favorite top!
Happy Sewing!

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