Monday, April 29, 2013

A Modest Mossimo Refash

I'm a follower of Refashionista.  
I love seeing what kind of pretty things she can make out of something that only cost $1. 
When I first found her blog, I wondered, "How is she finding these pieces for only $1?"  
Until I discovered that my local thrift store does $1 days too.  

How did I not know that?  

So now I plan on going regularly to find things I can remake into something cute.  
This week there are 2 items I picked up on a recent thrift store spree that I will share with you.  
They are pretty basic refashions. 
I hope you like them.  
Jillian's modesty level is different than mine however.  
I don't do strapless, or sleeveless, or anything shorter than knee length.  
Partly for religious reasons, partly just cause I'm not comfortable with it.  

When I found this Mossimo dress, I fell in love.  

Plus it was only $1.  

However it only comes to about my mid-thigh.  
And since I don't do the 'wear leggings so I can get away with a super short skirt style' I needed to add some length to the skirt.  

I thought about just cutting it off and making a tunic out of it, which would be easy, but I didn't want to lose the cute pockets in front.  
I also didn't want to just add a piece at the bottom.  
Too obvious that I messed with it.  
I tried different colors of fabric to add for the stripes, and settled on the black. 
You can almost never go wrong with black in my opinion.  

So let me show you how I colorblocked my Mossimo.

Here's the dress before the big refashion.

I layed it out on my cutting table and cut two lines.  One just below the waist, and one just above the hem.

Then I cut 2 - 5 inch strips of black and sewed them to the cut pieces of the dress.  I topstitched each seam to match the rest of the dress.

A little more close up detail.  The top of the black was folded over and seamed to match the placket of the dress. (you know, that part where the buttons go on a garment)

After sewing all the strips together, I knew I didn't want to add more buttons to the skirt where I added the black, and I also didn't want anyone playing pee-a-boo with my legs through the skirt where the buttons should be, so I top stitched the dress together down the placket from the waist to just above the hem line.  The pictures below show where I pinned it in place.

And done.  A modest colorblocked Mossimo dress.

 So cute and it only cost me $1. Super score!

What will you refashion?  I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. Cute dress. I found a similar dress at DI the other day and I was wondering how you chose the fabric for the color block. Is it similar in texture/weight to the actual dress fabric?


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