Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A little Faux Shirt Dress

I am so loving the shirt dress look right now and when I found this super cute grey stripe shirting fabric on my last SAS excursion I knew what it was meant to be.  I don't usually use a pattern, but this time I did.  Although I did modify it.  Kind of a lot.  Sorry there's not pics of the process.  I was kind of in a rush because I wanted to get it done in time to wear for Easter, but alas, my kiddos were sick so my new dress will have to wait a few more days before making it's debut.

The dress pattern is super cute as is, but I wanted more of a shirt dress look.  
The pattern uses a top piece and a skirt piece that you sew together after constructing it.  
I didn't want that so I pinned the top pattern piece to the skirt at the length I wanted and cut out the fabric.  
I did add a little width in the skirt, but ended up trimming it away because it was too big.  

I love when that happens.  
It's always nice to be skinnier than you think you are.

The center strip was made with the selvage from the gray stripe.  
I cut long strips of the selvage and sewed them together, then created 
the simple pleats as I added the top strip which was cut on the bias.
I could sew on some buttons, but I'm undecided.
Buttons - no? or yes?

The sleeves were cut as the pattern directed, 
but the flounce didn't really work for me for some reason, 
so I added two rounds of elastic thread along the bottom edge.
The waist was 3 rounds of elastic thread. 
I put the dress on and used a belt to figure out where I wanted the natural waistline to fall, 
then pinned it so I would be able to make a straight line for the waist.  
After I took off the dress, I used a ruler and a quilt marking pen to mark the waistline and started sewing.  

I'm not sure I want a belt.  
Maybe one made out out the same fabric.  
I just like the simpleness of the dress.

It did need just a bit of color so I added a super cute mint green polka dot sheer that I also picked up at SAS that I made into a scarf just like the one here.  
A plain scarf around my neck didn't work so I tied it around my hair.  
Don't you think?

I think I need another one!

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