Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pallets and Stars

This is the last board in this batch for {J} over at Twigs and Twine.
I fell in love with this design when I first saw it over at Beyond the Picket Fence.
She is the Pallet Wood Queen.

It was super easy to put together and what a dramatic, yet beautiful piece?!?

I know I just did some Halloween boards, but I couldn't help myself.
A little Christmas?  A little Valentines?
Just a little Red Accent?
Take your pick.

I will definitely be doing more of these with different ribbons.
Plus you can't ever go wrong with some Costco Ribbon.

You can tell I've used a lot of it.
Here's one of the projects I did a while ago with the same ribbon.
It's satin-y and glitter-y all at the same time.
What a great contrast with the old rustic pallet wood!

Ok.  Here's the super easy how to:

Screw your pallet wood slats together with a cross piece in the back.
I did 2 cross pieces for added stability.
Flip it over and sand it well.
Now add your wax top coat and let dry.
I want the wood to be completely finished before adding the ribbon, 
since I can't really add stain or wax after the ribbon is in place.

For the next part, I just eye-balled the nail placement.
One center top.
2 near the edge about part way down.
2 more at the bottom closer together.
Just invision what the star will look like and mark where the nails will go.

I'm using small carpet tacks, but any small nail would work.
These just have a pewter finish that I wanted.
Plus I already had them.
Even better.

I pre-drilled a little then pounded the nails in about half way.

 Wrap your ribbon starting at the top, keeping the ribbon flat and nice between nails.

Tie a knot at the top as tight as you can, then tie the bow.
Trim off excess and clip the ends to make them pretty.
I did a V cut at the ends.

I tapped the nails in a little further after wrapping the ribbon to help secure them.

Add hanging hardware if you wish, otherwise add to your decor.

I just love Red.
Plus the combination of Red Ribbon and Pallet wood is perfect!
Happy Crafting!

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