Monday, September 30, 2013

Chalkboard Art - The quick way!

My Sweet Sis-In-Law asked me to make some signs for an upcoming Church function.
She wanted some Chalkboard signs 
but I've been super busy and had to put them together quickly.
I have done the whole long process with stroke and noise filter on other projects, 
but for this one I needed to be quick and done.  
I will share the long way another day, but for today, 
let's do the quick way!

First get a pre-done background like this one.
I found it on Pinterest from Big Red Clifford.
She had some fun printables and font ideas.
Since this was for a Church function, 
I needed a font that was more decorative.

It already has the effect I was looking for and is fabulous.
I also discovered that if you use the { bracket } keys you get some extra flourishes.

So here's the quick and easy how to:

Open your chalkboard background and size it to the size you want.
The printables I made are 8x10.
The samples are only 4x6.

Type out your words and size them the way you want them.

Now let's add some flourishes.
This one isn't the exact one I used but is a close second.  
I've had mine for years.
It's just not there anymore.

Add one, and make a copy using Control+J or Command+J on Mac.
Control+T makes it so you can resize it. 
I flipped my flourish over to get a mirror image for the other side.
Select those two flourishes and Control+J to make two more copies.
Drag them to the bottom of the page or where you want them.

Then I added two lines using the custom shape tool to make a straight line.
One is slightly shorter than the other.
Do the same for both the top and the bottom flourishes.

Reduce the opacity of the lines and brushes to between 60-75% depending on what look you want.

Save the file and you're done!

These are the Scripture images I made.
Feel free to use them.
Just don't sell them.
That's just not nice.
I will hunt you down!  And if I don't find you "He" knows.

Chalkboard Art.
Easy and quick.

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