Monday, June 15, 2009

Yeah! Freebies!

Hey everyone, I found some super cute freebies and thought I'd pass them along. The first is a place I get a ton of fonts and doodlebats. It is actually addictive and I have to control myself before I load up my hardrive with tons of cute fonts. It is at

The next place is one that has a lot of cute brushes and patterns to use in Photoshop. I'll use one in the Tuesday Tutorial to show you how to use it. It is at a place called

Another place has a lot of free brushes, journaling blocks, and papers is at You have to create a user account, which is free too. They have some super cute brush kits and frames for purchase. Look through it. It's definitely worth it.

My super favorite site is She has free kits, tutorials, and classes. Her site anniversary is next week and she's offering a free photo editing class. Here is the picture from her site:

Her classes are awesome and since it's free that's even better! I'll try to remind you to sign up next monday.

Happy scrapping with all your free stuff!

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  1. Yeah-hooray. I love free. I haven't had time to digi scrap since I first tried a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the comments. I'm actually more tired from my church calling than from my kids!


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