Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boutique apron

I had forgotten that fabric could be yummy! I was wandering through Joann's the other day looking for fabric for a quilt and found this. I've been thinking about making an apron for a while but couldn't seem to find the design and fabric that I really liked. These 4 pieces were it! I combined the designs from here and here. It was basically a bunch of geometric shapes sewn together. I added interfacing to the upper part and the waist part of the ties to give it more stability.
Here's the bottom part. I wanted it curved.

These are the main body pieced cut out and laid out on my table.
These are the neck straps, waistband ties, front pocket, and ruffle for the bottom edge. I cut 3 pieces for the ruffle. I wanted it really full. I used all of it except for about 6 inches at the end. I just folded it over and over as I stitched it down to the bottom part of the apron.
Here's a close up of the ruffle and ties. The ruffle has been pressed and topstitched.
Here's the finished project. It's almost too cute to get all floury when I bake, but at least I'll look good!

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  1. That is absolutely cute! I love that fabric! Any one of those materials would have made a good looking apron but all together is even better. Way to go Shelley!


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