Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Circle twirly Skirt

I have been thinking about making a circle twirly skirt for my little girl for a while. The Birthday of my niece prompted me to get it done. Especially if I'm going to make one, I might as well make 2. It doesn't take that much longer.

Cut some strips for the waistband ties, and some strips for the bottom ruffle.

Then cut a circle for the skirt. Cut another one the same size for the ruffle layer. I used white for the ruffle layer.

Here's the pieces I cut out folded up.

Next I surged the ruffle ends together, and the hem edge for the ruffle and the top skirt.
I love my surger!

Next, gather the ruffle and attach it to the under skirt.
And sew the waistband to the skirt with both layers attached.
Then I ironed the waist band to make it easier to fold and sew together.

Once it's pressed, stitch the waistband together. I cut about 2 1/2 inches from the top of the waist edge to allow for sizing and surged the edge. Then when you put the skirt on, there is room for the hips, (not that little girls have hips yet) and you can tighten the ties to fit the girl and it is adjustable to their size.

Next I added a little embellishment to the skirt edge just to the left of center. Fold a scrap of material in half, then in thirds like an ice cream cone and cut a half circle to make the petals.

I stitched the flower in place along with some rick-rack or grosgrain ribbon along the bottom edge of the top skirt. Then hand sewed some buttons on the flower.

And you're done! Too cute! My little girl got lots of complements at Costco, and at the hospital when they came to pick me up post-Thyroid surgery.


  1. You just make everything look so easy! That's really cute. Londyn wants one now too! :)

  2. Ok so I want one too. How would you measure to make one adult size?

  3. That is so cute and reversable too! I especially like the model!


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