Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Freecycle Jammies

My little girl is growing up.
She needed some new jammies, and I thought I'd challenge myself to make some out of what I already had.

Here's what I came up with.

You'll need an old pair of her Pajama pants.
Turn them inside out and put one leg inside the other. This will create your pattern for the new pants.
Now get one of your old ones or some jammie fabric. Flannel is a good choice.
Cut them apart at the inseam and crotch seam and lay them out.
Lay her pants on top for the pattern. Make sure you keep the bottom part flat,especially the crotch line. It for each side to get the proper fit front to back.
Cut out about 1 inch from the old ones. Add extra to the bottom to make sure the length will be good for a while.
Now that you have two pieces, sew the inseam with right sides together, and turn one of them right side out.

Pin them right sides together to sew the crotch line. Then pull the leg out so you have inside-out pajama pants.
Measure her waist with the elastic so it is a comfortable stretch for her. Sew the ends together and mark them at the quarter around. The easiest way is to fold it in half with the seam and mark the opposite side, then fold it in half the other way matching up your mark with the seam and mark the opposite sides.Pin the elastic with right sides together to the waist band. Make sure the seam matches the back of the pants. Use your marks as a guide to pin the elastic.Serge or zig-zag around the edge stretching the elastic slightly as you go and you're done. I like the 'boxer' look for the elastic, plus it's super quick and easy. Hem the bottom edge. This method will work for any size, just measure from one of their existing pants to get the right size. I actually made 3 pair yesterday. One for my girl and 2 for my boys. They are super quick and easy. About 20 minutes each.

Next take some of the scraps and cut whatever shape you want. In Honor of Valentine's Day I cut hearts. She had a longsleeve t-shirt that I decided to turn into a pajama shirt. Get a piece of wax paper to sandwich underneath the top layer of the shirt. This will help stabilize it as you sew on the shapes.
Zig-zag around the shapes, remove the wax paper and you're done!Too cute!

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  1. Ok so you were totally inspired because I have just been thinking the same thing! I actually was going to go through my pj drawer to see what I could alter for Rory! Now I am even more inspired! Way to go!


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