Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've been up to somethin'...

I've decided that I have Crafting ADD.

Nothing negative or against those who really have the disease.
I have relatives that do.

But I am constantly thinking of new projects. Usually before the one I'm currently working on is finished. And I usually have more than one project in production phase.

And I almost never ever make the exact same thing twice. I should. Some stuff turns out pretty good if I do say so myself.

I've also gotten lazy and haven't got the camera out while I'm working so here is a smattering of recent projects. Trust me, it's a real SMATTERING!

The doll bed came from Grandpa last Christmas.
I made the doll blanket for her bunny doll.

I made this ballerina for my little girl for her birthday.Shoes too.

I made this purse kind of out of my head. No pattern. I love the birdie fabric I found. Perfect spring combination.

This purse idea came from all the super cute ruffled bags out there. I thought I'd try my hand. I think I still may add a flower where the ruffles converge.

I made this "Chain's of Love" wall hanging as a gift for my parents. I saw the hand design in the Airport in Phoenix, AZ. I love how the hands make hearts. I hand stitched the names of all my sisters on each pair of hands.
I made this wreath for the Makia craft contest. Just like the other one I made.
Since I had some flowers left over, I decided to make this pillow.

Next are some beaded hair pins. I found them on the Martha Stewart craft site and made mine a little different.

These are flowers I made similar to the wreath ones only on a smaller scale. I glued a large clip on the back with felt to hold it together.

During a crafty Skype date with my sisters, I made this headband with ribbon flowers, felt and hand stitched beads.

Lastly are a couple of shirts I did. Just get two shirts, cut up one into strips, make the ruffle and sew it on.

Thanks for letting me share. I've already got a head full of new projects. I can't wait to show-and-tell.

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  1. I need you to show me how to do the fabric & the ribbon flowers!


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