Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 2 and 3 together

It's now day 3 of Jessica Sprague's class and I thought I'd try batching them together. Brushes, and creating a vintage photo. Since I did mine a little different than she did here goes.

Here is the origional photo of my son:

Now lets do some changing.
First I clicked on the yin-yang circle at the bottom of the layers pallet, then on Hue/Saturation. This created a new layer that we can play with and not change the actual photo. My Hue/Saturation is set to 0 for Hue, -50 for Saturation, and 0 for Light. This is the beginning of the changes. It looked like this:

Next I hit the yin-yang symbol again and created a new hue/saturation layer. This one I set to -25 for Hue, -35 for Saturation, and 0 for Light. I didn't love that, so I opened the Blending mode drop down menu above the layers pallet and set it to Soft Light. It looked like this:

Next she added some cute rosy cheeks to her photo. Since when I followed her instructions, it didn't look as good, I tried something different. Create a new layer and select the Brush tool. It should be a soft round brush. I set mine to about 100 pixels. Next click on the color swatch to select a cute pink color. Now click and paint on one of the cheeks in your photo. It will be very strong, but that's OK because we will change that. It looked like this:

I only did the left cheek, just in case I need to adjust them separately. The Blending mode is set to Overlay. The right cheek looked like this:

Now we are done makeing our vintage photo. Now I added a couple of brushes to the photo. The first is a border brush from Jessica's kit. It looks like this. I chose black for the color.

Next I added a word art brush from Jessica's kit. I chose gray for the color.

Since I don't love this, it's too washed out, I'm going to change it a little. Next Stamp the same brush on another layer in white above the gray one. Now click on the gray brush layer, then hit Control + T to change the size of the brush. I moved it around a little to get an off set gray brush behind the white one. It gave it a grungy look that I liked. Here's the finished photo:

It's fun to play with the settings and all the possiblities Photoshop has. I'm not an expert at photography, but with photoshop, I can enhance my pictures to look like they were professionally taken and re-touched. Plus with scrapbooking, it's like drinking from the firehose. There is so much out there, and everyone is at a different level. But that's OK. That's what life is all about. Learning, and learning again.

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