Friday, September 17, 2010

How much do I love thee?

We've almost been in the Pacific Northwest for a year now.
Every time I go outside, yes every time,
I'm so amazed at how beautiful it is here.

Let me share a few more pics.
Another pic of the beach at Deception Pass. I love this picture of the kids in the surf. It's actually my wallpaper on my computer.

Lord Hill Park.
This was the first hike of the summer that we went on with some friends. I'll never get over the trees.

Our first time Clamming on Sammish Beach. Sooo fun catching the clams. Not so fun prying them open and figuring out what is edible or not.

Sunset at Lincon Park.
We do see the sun sometimes here. It truly is a gift when we do.

We got to watch the life cycle of the goose in the pond next to our
house. It was so fun to watch the family dynamics of the geese. The dad was so protective of his little flock. Always alert. Always ready to defend. It was amazing how fast the goslings grew. I was sad and grateful at the same time when they finally flew away. They pooped all over our yard and driveway. When we tried to shoo them out of the yard, the neighbors got mad and accused us of traumatizing the geese.I didn't want to eat them, just not have to watch my step when I went out to get in the car.

I think this is the Stillaguamish River. We stopped here to play in the water on a day trip. Too cold for me. Perfect for my family.

Leavenworth, WA A great little Bavarian town with cool shops and great eats. Uli's Pub had the best pretzels I've ever had.

Padilla Bay
Of course they had cool shells there. My niece had to have a picture taken since she couldn't bring the shell home.

We go to pick blueberries,
raspberries, and strawberries. The kids loved it. My youngest, not so much. He really wasn't a stinker about it. I just loved this photo.

This was the Big Four Ice Cave hike. I'm not sure why they call it Big Four. Doesn't it look like Five peaks to you? Either way it was a fun easy hike with breathtaking mountains around us. For some reason the ice flow makes these huge ice caves. I was floored at how much water continually flows from the mountain. Cold and clear.
I'll finish with the Seattle Skyline from the Space Needle.

It was great having my sister here for a few weeks to go exploring and enjoy the summer. I know I did. 120 degrees is just not fun. 70 is more like it.

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