Friday, August 15, 2014

Let's Ride!

Yep. More Bicycles.
They seem to sell really fast over at Twigs and Twine.

Here's some pics from the store with some of my projects.

I'm happy to oblidge. 
It's such a fun image.
Very Vintage.
Very cool.
I have a hard time drawing in all the spoke lines
so this time I left them out. 
I did however add them in this project and this one.

Here's the original image I used from Graphics Fairy.
Much more detailed than I can paint on Pallet wood,
but enough to give me the basics for the image.

I'm obviously not great a staging.
Mostly this is just for me so I can remember
what I've done,
but if they help give someone some inspiration
for their own projects, then I'm happy.
These are pretty big so they ended up on the floor for pictures.
I think I seriously need to put together a vingette
somewhere in my house just to show these better.
Maybe next week....

So here's 2 versions of the same idea.
I played with another font for the saying.  It's Lobster.

This one is very similar to the last batch of bicycles I did.
I just changed up the colors and left out the spokes.

Hopefully some day soon the weather will be nice again
instead of so blasted hot and I can go cycling again.
I miss it.

But I can still enjoy the Ride of Life!

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