Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Vintage Beadboard Signs

New State.

New House.

New Life.

I'm sooo ready to craft again. You wouldn't believe how much time I lay in bed and think of crafting ideas. My husband says I'm an addict.

Yes. Yes I am.

I found these beadboard signs out in blog land and had to try my hand at them.

Super easy and cheap and customizable. (is that a word?)

Anyway here goes:


Beadboard wainscot boards 6 per pack $11.00-ish
Can Spray paint in favorite color
Clear Contact Paper (the big roll)

The picture has stain in it, but when I used it on one of the boards, it totally ruined it. I'll have to repaint that one.
Don't use stain! A poly finish, fine, just no stain!

The wainscoat is great because it's precut for you. You can buy the big 4x8 sheet of beadboard and have your store cut it for you, but I didn't have time to wait. 4 year old in the cart. (need I say more)

Cut your contact paper to fit your cricut sheets and adhere. I cut letters with Stone Script, Billionaire, and Alphalicious. Use the lowest blade depth setting.

Remove the contact letters and place on your beadboard. This was a little tricky to get the spacing right, but luckly contact paper is easily repositionable and cheap if you mess up.

Next I took the boards outside to the back yard and laid down some plastic bed covers we had left over from moving.

Spray each board with spray paint with even strokes and don't forget the edges.
Let dry completely. (Thanks to the Arizona sun this didn't take too long)

Solar Power Rocks!

Carefully peel off the contact letters and discard. There may be some bleeding but it's OK.
Perfectly Imperfect is my mantra.

Sand the edges and face of the boards with a course grit sand paper and you're done! (You could add a clear coat of Polyurethane to protect the boards but I didn't have any on hand. I may do it later.)

Place in your home and enjoy!
It's so good to be crafting again.

Almost makes you want to go in and do some laundry...almost.

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