Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Bleachy Halloween Project

I have been anxious to try bleach on t-shirts and thought Halloween might be the perfect time.  All I used was Q-tips, Bleach, & Freezer Paper.  Grab some shirts and lets get started!  

I found the spider image on Google Images, printed it the size I wanted, cut it out of Freezer paper and ironed it in place on my shirt.

 Put a plastic bag inside your shirt to prevent bleeding. Next outline the spider with the bleach Q-tip and create your web. It was orange-y at first but as it dried it became more white.
 Remove the freezer paper and let dry. Wash as normal.
 We did one with a cat face for my little girl.  Cut the freezer paper to create a resist, paint inside the lines with the Bleachy Q-tip & let dry.
My son wanted a fly in the web so I found another image and  followed the same process.  Then I added a red hour glass on the spider to make it a black widow with craft paint.

This one is mine.

Happy Haunting!

NOTE:  I love the look but you need to be careful.  My shirt was pretty thin knit and the bleach ate through the fabric in one spot.  Use a heavy-er knit and you should be fine.


  1. this is really clever. i'm not a crafter, but this looked like a ton of fun. what a great idea!

  2. That's pretty cool! The things you can do with home products. Thanks for the share! This would be too cool to try. Hm, I've got bleach... If only I had a black t-shirt! LOL


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