Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bumper Pad Tutorial part 2

OK let's do some construction on the bumpers.  I'm so excited! Get your inside piece, the piping fabric and your piping.  I'm using really small pipe that is paper constructed.  You can get cotton pipe at the fabric store in numerous sizes.  I've even used 1 inch pipe on bumpers before.  Huge but very cute.  Since these are for boys I didn't add a ruffle to the top edge but you could do that here at this stage.

Lay the pipe fabric right sides together along the top edge of the inside fabric.

Lay the pipe along the edge and fold up the pipe fabric to cover the piping.  You should have enough fabric to cover the fabric with extra for seam allowance.

 Stitch along top edge encasing the piping as you go.  You can construct the piping before attaching to the fabric but this method saves a step.

When you get to a seam of the  pipe fabric lay seam allowance open. This avoids bulk.
 Now switch your foot on your sewing machine to the zipper foot.  This allows for a tight seam along the piping.  Lay the outside fabric, wrong sides together, along the top edge and seam keeping foot as close to the piping as you can.  You can feel it with your fingers, but don't stitch over the piping.

 Now that the inside and outside are attached lay out the fabric and pin it to mark where the ties will go.

This is the step where you make the length right.
I lay the fabric at zero and mark at 28 inches.
Move the pin to zero and mark at 25.5 inches.
Move to zero and again mark at 25.5 inches.
Move it to zero and mark at 28 inches.
Move to zero and mark at 25.5 inches.
Last time, zero then at 25.5 inches.
Cut off the excess leaving about 1 inch for end seam allowance.

 Open the ends and cut one tie in half.  Pin about 1-2 inches from the top and another on the bottom.  These ties keep the ends tied together.  Stitch along the end edge backstitching on the ties to secure.

Turn the bumper right side out and where the pins marked the bottom edge is were you will attach the ties.  I start at the top and lay the middle of the tie on the fabric and stitch all the way down like this:

At the bottom fold the inside and outside fabric together like this:

Continue all the way around the bumper.

 Now it's time to cut the foam.  I cut 1 inch high density foam at 8 inches.
 Get out your batting and wrap each piece of foam loosely, covering both sides.
 I used to use spray adhesive to attach the batting, but it's not necessary.
 Stuff each section with the batting covered foam adjusting to keep it even and not bunched anywhere.

 Pin the bottom edge closed every few inches.  I usually don't pin that much in my projects but this time...  PIN PIN PIN!  You'll thank me later.

The last step is the hardest, but it's the last so when you're done, you're done.  Stitch along the bottom edge.  This is really awkward and I keep the unsewn part over my left shoulder as I sew (I've never gotten a pin in my ear so don't worry)  Go slow and keep the edges together and not bunched.  Now clip threads and you're done! Hoorray!

The places were you attached the ties are the natural corners for the crib with an extra section on the sides to keep the sides secure to the crib.  Tie the ends together, then attach them to the crib.

My cute nephew "L" in his monster shirt!

 My cute nephew "J" in his monster shirt!
Now you know how to make your own bumpers!  Good luck and send me a message if you get stuck.  I'd be happy to help!

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