Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Wreath

Here's my Christmas Wreath.  I use the same grapevine  base and change out the dressings.  This time I added burlap rosettes, holly berries, a large ribbon and the C in the center.
My husband asked if it was for our last name or for Christmas.  I said you decide.

Here's how I made the C.

I've been saving my dryer sheets for about a month.  Here's the stack.

 Then I cut them in half and then in circles.
 Next cut two letters out of cardboard.
 I cut some white fabric to wrap around the cardboard and hot glued it in place.
 Then cut a smaller piece to cover the other side.  Glue down.

 I used the end of my paper piercer to shape the flowers.  Place in the center of the flower and pull the sides around the tool. Add a dab of hot glue and place on the letter. I did these rather loosely.  It just depends on how full you want the letter and how much dryer sheets you have.

 Here it is finished.  It does smell good too by the way.

 Welcome home!

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