Monday, August 27, 2012

Projectors and burlap

I've been pondering more Projector projects since I still have my mom's Projector.  I did this project literally in about 40 minutes, and that included set up and clean up.  I still haven't hung them up yet.  I need some more pieces to complete the wall art but here's a quick project that turned out beautiful!

All you need is some burlap, a board, a staple gun and some sharpie markers.

 Cut the burlap to be about 2 inches larger on each side of the board so you can wrap it.

 I started with the centers and stapled the burlap down, folding under the raw edge.
Continue working around the edges pulling the burlap tight and stapling in place.  I had to use my hammer to help the staples lay flush to the board.

For the corners, I cut the burlap diagonally as shown to get rid of some of the bulk so the corner would fold properly and lay flat.

 Here's a close-up of the corner.
 Next I set up my projector and board.  I used a step stool to keep the board upright.  I had to add some extra boards underneath my burlap one to make sure the height was right for the image from the projector.
Adjust the location and focus of the image to fit your burlap.
Get out your sharpies and start tracing.

I merged two images I got from The Grapic's Fairy in Photoshop.  I loved the French Chocolate word art plus the clock face.  I plan to use the same image on a side table in the near future.

Here's the image before tracing.

And finished.  I'll definitely post them when I have them hung.


  1. I love your graphic combo, this is a really cool idea :)

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