Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Potato Soup I've ever made!

While scouring Pinterest for ideas, I came across a yummy potato soup recipe, but theirs used Ore-Ida shredded potatoes and since I'm a 'from scratch' kinda gal, I decided to rework the recipe using my own fresh potatoes. 

 Cheaper - definitely, tastier - of course, healthier - no doubt.

Plus I love that it's in the crock pot.  We have late church so crock pot meals are a must on Sunday.  Let's get to it.

Best Crock Pot Potato Soup, Ever!

 Wash and quarter your potatoes.  I'm using a combination of red and yellow potatoes.  I left the skin on for all those extra vitamins.
 Fill up  the blender part way with water and add a few potato chunks at a time.  Blend for about 30 seconds on low to shred the potatoes.
 The shreds will look like this.  Finish shredding potatoes, reserving the liquid.  I added an onion to the mix and shredded it just like the potatoes.

 Put the liquid back in the blender and add about 2 1/2 Tbsp chicken boullion to the water.
 Blend well to dissolve the boullion.
Fill up the crock pot with the shredded potato and onion.  Pour the broth over the potatoes. I had just enough liquid to barely cover the potatoes.  Cover and cook on low for 6-8 hours.  I put it in at 10am and it was ready at 6pm.

About 20 minutes before serving, cube 1 package of cream cheese and add one un-diluted can of cream soup.  I used Cream of Mushroom, but Cream of Chicken would be great too!  I also added in one 1/2 cup of veggie blend that was frozen.  If you don't remember what that is, you can find it here.  The frozen veggies helped cool the soup slightly since my babies don't like it too hot.  Mix well to evenly distribute the cream cheese, soup, and veggies.

Fry up a few strips of bacon.  I used Turkey Bacon and pre-sliced it before cooking to make things easier.

Dish up the soup,  and sprinkle bacon a la "Bibbity Bobbity - BACON!"

My Hubs said this was the best Potato soup I've ever made.  Why thank you. Thank you very much.

I paired it with some homemade Molasses Oatmeal bread, and strawberry jam.  Perfect!

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