Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One more Bleachy Project!

My sister asked me to do something fun with this Maternity Shirt for her because it had a few spots on it.  

I decided to go floral with the design and cut a few designs out with my Cricut and the Storybook Font Cartridge.  I'm using Freezer paper for the designs.  Once they were cut out, I carefully removed the centers and ironed on the designs on the shirt.  Freezer paper sticks beautifully.

I wrapped a towel with a plastic bag and slid the shirt over the bag.  This protects the other side of the shirt and gives me a soft surface to use the bleach.

 Next, I used a q-tip and some straight bleach to color in the stencils.  On a black shirt, it looks orange at first but dries a nice yellowish color.
Let the bleach dry and remove the stcncils.  Wash by itself 2 times to set the bleach and you're done.

This is definitely an easy way to save a shirt you thought was going into the trash because of a little stain.

Doesn't she look cute with that baby bump!  Another month to go!
Happy Recycling!

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