Friday, April 11, 2014

A Whole Lotta Pallet Love

I had some scraps left over from another project and have been thinking about doing some letters for a while.  

The inspiration actually came from here on Pinterest.  

But for some reason I wanted to do Love instead of Eat.  

Basically the same process.  

A little measuring, eye-balling, and miter saw cutting.  

Honestly I couldn't tell you the actual dimentions.  
I just used the scrap I already had and only needed to cut 
a few pieces like the corners of the O which is cut at 
30 degrees, and the side of the V which is cut at 45 degrees.

After cutting and sanding all the pieces, I actually did two sets, I laid them out on the ground to make sure they were going to work.  Then laid the pieces out upside down on the concrete.
I used some Gorilla wood glue and a staple gun to stick the slats together.

After they were dry, I drilled some holes along the seam.
Then threaded some bailing wire through the holes, pulling it tight to create the X
at each joint.
It added a little stability, along with a great decorative effect.
These are just sitting on my shelf for the photo-op, but
I did add some hanging wire to the backs so they could hang on the wall.
Since these are going over to Twigs and Twine, I didn't 
want to put a bunch of holes in my walls just for a picture.

But really, the letters could sit on a shelf just as well.  
The V may need a little help but that's OK.

Sorry they are kind of squshy.
Keep going, I fixed the problem.

A closeup of the seams and wire.

Just for kicks I took pics of the other boards I delivered.
Another bicycle one.

A new Cafe one.

This one was a custom order and since I was already doing one,
I had to do two.
The letters came from the alphalicious font for the Cricut.

Another batch of Pallet Projects done.
Happy Crafting!

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