Monday, April 28, 2014

Pallets, Chevrons, and Messages

This week I thought I'd play with the whole message board idea.
I looked around on Pinterest but couldn't find one that was just right for me.
I had a bunch of shelf boards that my sister and I got for free from Craigslist 
a while ago that have been sitting in my garage.  
I decided to pull out the chalkboard paint and get to work.
The paint was left over from my Beachy Bathroom Makeover
and since I barely used any of it then, 
there is plenty for the message boards.

First I gathered my pallet wood boards and screwed them together like always.
Then gave them a light white wash.

After that I used a WinCo paper grocery bag to cut out a chevron pattern.
I just folded it in thirds, then in half again and cut two diagonal cuts.
Unfold and voila!  A perfect chevron.
I used a pencil to trace the design on the pallet wood.
Next came some careful painting being sure to stay within the lines.
I do that sometimes.... 

Then I screwed the chalkboard piece from the back being careful to make sure it was straight.
Then I glued some leftover fence picks that were cut with the miter saw.
They got a white wash, then Gorilla Glue'd in place.

After that dried I added some D-Ring hanging hardware to the back.

The bucket I found at Goodwill for about 2 dollars.
It had some weird painting on the bands around the tub so I painted over it with the blue from the chevrons.
I used some nuts, bolts, and washers to screw them to the board.

Then added some metal clips and hooks to finish it off.

All ready for a cute command center.

When I do something, I usually do at least 2 of them at a time.
If I'm going to make one, I'm going to make 2.
Saves time in the long run to assembly line the process.

So this version is slightly different.
A little smaller pallet wood pieces.
A different bucket.  
This one also came from Goodwill but it's an old bread pan.
Same metal clips and hooks.

A perfectly cute way to have a command center to keep everyone organized.

Now if I could just get around to making one for me I'd be all set.

PS.  These got delivered to Twigs and Twine last Friday. 
The brown one already sold.  I so love it when that happens!!

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  1. These look great! I know I sure could use one at my house! Thank you for linking up to The Creative Exchange!

  2. This is such a great project. Your message board is so functional without taking up a lot of space. Thanks for linking up to The Creative Exchange!


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