Friday, April 18, 2014

Pallets on the Patio

Sunday dinner at my parents house is a tradition.
A few times each month my sisters and their families get together for dinner.
There are a lot of little ones running around and we have talked about
making a table and benches for them to eat at out on Mom's back patio.

I have wanted to make a pallet wood table and benches for a long time. 
Making this set for my parents fit the bill.
I've even had the perfect pallet sitting in my stash just waiting for me to help it achieve it's full potential.
Plus my stash of pallet cross pieces has grown to enormous proportions.
And a friend was moving and gave me the beautiful white table legs.

It was time.

The kids were out of school for Spring Break and my husband was gone hunting.

Perfect time.

I had the kids choose out all the pieces that were still good, not cracked or split.
The little ones helped me mark the measurements.
The older boy did all the cuts for the benches on the miter saw.
My oldest screwed in the table legs and helped me nail in the plywood table top.
Two of the kids sanded and painted the table top.
I painted the benches with some paint I found at Home Depot in the Ooops pile.

It was a gallon for $3.
Love it when that happens.

The tops got a good wax paste finish to protect the wood from 
the Arizona Sun as well as the little grandkids.

We loaded it up and took it over to my Parents house.
They had to close their eyes and we surprised them with the set.

They loved it!

My mom said she has been wishing for a table out on her back patio so she can 
sit outside in the mornings when it's still nice out to eat breakfast or work on a project.

I'm just happy to help fulfill her wishes, as well as my own secret desire to make a patio set.
Now I have to search for another perfect pallet to make one for myself.
It's OK, with my pallet wood obsession, it shouldn't take too long.

My backyard isn't too much to look at,
but this set could make any space look good if I do say so myself.

Here's to enjoying Spring!

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