Thursday, May 22, 2014

Farm Fresh Eggs

I should have been born and raised in another place and time.
Not that I don't like my life now, but
I really, REALLY want to have a farm with chickens,
goats, sheep, garden and an orchard.
But for now I live in the suburbs in a subdivision.
A tiny piece of land. Just enough for my fruit trees and a garden.

But I can dream about chickens.
A crazy thing to dream about I know, but still.
I'm a farm girl stuck in a city girl's body.

So when I found this bird font over at DaFont, I had to use it in my pallet wood creations.
It would be perfect for the kitchen, or on the barn next to a chicken coop.
See.. still dreaming about farm life.


I screwed the pallet wood boards together like normal,
then did a couple of layers of paint.
A little blue.
A little green.
And a good white wash to top it off.

Then I pulled out the projector and added this image with black paint.

A little country.  

Very cute.

Here chicky chicky.
Mama needs some chickens!

Here it is over at Twigs and Twine with some of my other creations.

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  1. Can I get one of the Farm Fresh Eggs? That would be awesome!


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