Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cute Holiday Vinyl Blocks

My sisters and I got together last night to make these cute blocks. I cut the vinyl with my Cricut and the program Sure Cuts Alot. It's kind of like Cricut Design Studio but I can use my own fonts from my computer and weld the letters together. It's kind of a Love/Hate relationship because it's finiky sometimes. It will work great talking to my Cricut, and then they can't hear each other. A little frustrating sometimes.

Anyway, I used 2x2 inch boards that my sister Jessica cut for us. I was so busy making sure everyone had the lettering they wanted, I didn't get to make mine. They painted their boards, depending on the theme. Then I thought this morning, 'hey, I've got all this cute scrapbook paper, why don't I use that?' so I did. I wish I would have thought of it sooner. Sorry guys.

First cut strips of your patterned paper to match the themes of your lettering. I cut mine to be just smaller than the wood blocks.

Next lay out some plastic. I just used a garbage bag. I don't have any Mod Podge, so I used good ol' Elmers white glue mixed with a little water. You want it more runny than pasty. Brush the glue on the block, then stick down your paper that has been cut to size. Make sure you lay it all out before you start gluing to make sure you get it the way you want. Smooth out the paper with your fingers and the palm of you hand. This is a little messy, but since I was in the kitchen, hand washing is quick and easy. The paper will want to curl or pucker a little. Keep smoothing it out.

I did 3 sides on my blocks, so once you get one side done, roll it and do the same to the next side.

I stood my blocks on end to let them dry. It took about an hour. You can use this time to make sure you have all the vinyl words ready. Just follow the manufacturers instructions for cutting and using the transfer tape. I cut the words out, the removed the excess vinyl.

Cut the transfer tape to be just bigger than the words and peel back the sticky side. Apply that over the vinyl letters.

Stick it over the letters and finger press down. This should lift the vinyl off the paper. Re-stick the letters to the transfer tape backing until ready to use.

Now place your words on the blocks. Make sure they are completely dry first. Use the popsicle stick to scrape over the letters to firmly adhere them.

Peel the sticky paper off slowly and You're Done!
Here are some examples of what I made:

Have fun creating! I know I did!


  1. Wow, Shelley-those are adorable! It looks like a super Saturday project to me!

  2. Those turned out way cute. maybe our next project can include some fun paper. We're going to miss you!

  3. Those turned out so cute! They would make great gifts. Cute, cute, cute!!!


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