Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gospel ABC book

This is what I've been working on lately.

My sister Rachel gave me the idea of a Gospel ABC book. She got all the descriptions from here:
I changed a few things and added a few also. Most of the pictures and scripture I copied from http://www.lds.org/. Art's Cow was having a deal where you got a 5x7 hard bound book with 40 pages for $1.99 with no shipping. Screamin' deal I know. Plus I was hoping that it would help my kids be a little more reverent in church. Wishful thinking, but the book turned out so cute.

I made all the pages in Photoshop, but you could do the same idea out of paper, it would just cost a lot more and take a lot longer. I'm all for quick and inexpensive. So here goes:

Did you notice that this picture came from the grungy photo mask tutorial I did a while back?

Most of the great pictures of our family were done by Liz Farnsworth at http://redbucketphoto.blogspot.com/. She's amazing!

I can't wait to get the book! I'll post pictures when I do.
Have fun making your own family quiet book!


  1. I think I like yours better maybe I should just have you send me your files!

  2. What a fabulous idea! Where did you get your photos? Did you copy them from LDS. org? I usually make my grandkids a book every Christmas and this is just the ticket!! I'll talk to you about it.

  3. well duh, I just read through the post again and see that it was LDS.org. But the link is broken to the idea part. I still would like to get together and learn Photoshop. I've been using Heritage Makers but they are super expensive. But it's easy and they have tons of art available.


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