Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Banner

I finally finished my Thanksgiving decor just in time and I wanted to share.

I found these great vintage Thanksgiving art at The Graphics Fairy. There are so many great things there.  I picked out my favorite ones, resized them in photoshop to fit my frames and printed them out.
Here's the right and left sides of my kitchen window.

Now for the banner.  I cut the shapes on my cricut, Storybook font.  Then inked the edges of the top letter and the brown base.  Then I used Stickles to add the glitter to the right edge of each letter.
 Next I followed the paper folding tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets found here.  (I got to go to that party with Jessica and Mandy.  I so miss them!)
Then I pulled apart a silk flower and put a brad through the center, gluing the whole thing together and punched holes in the corners of each letter.

 For the string to connect them, I used this, picked 3-4 strands and wrapped tape around the end for easy threading. Kinda like a shoelace.

 Here's a close up of part of the banner.
 Here it is finished.  So warm and festive!

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  1. Miss you too, Shelley!! The banner looks great :)


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