Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beadboard and Pennies

I needed a way to display my Father's Day Present.  Here's what I came up with.  The best part is I only had to pay for the pictures.  

Let's get started.  First I taped off the sections of the beadboard.  Be sure the edges are secure.

 My tape was a little wider than the section of beadboard so I used one side of my scissors to trim the excess off.
 Press firmly with your fingernail or bone folder.  Paint each section.  I alternated black and white with 2 coats each.

I found pennies that were the same year of each of my kids birthdays, along with my anniversary.  Then I drilled a hole in each of the pennies.

 Next, I stamped each kid's inital on their penny using my stamping set I got from Harbor Freight.  For our anniversary penny I did our initials and an Ampersand.  ie. n&s.

 Next get about 6 inches beading wire.
Start a loop and hold with beading pliers.
 Hold loop flat and wrap the wire around clockwise turning the loop as you go.
 Keep turning until you get the coil you want.
 Thread wire through penny holding coil on front of penny.
 Wrap wire once through the hole on the penny.
 Wrap wire around bottom of frame pressing wire into grooves of the frame so the glass will fit.  Twist wire around first strand and coil again as on the front.  Use a hammer to lightly tap the coils to set them.

 I used my staple gun to staple the ribbon to the back of the frame.

 I heavily sanded the beadboard after the paint dried then added a wooden knob near the top which I also painted black and distressed.
 Here's the top with the ribbon.

I love how they turned out!

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