Saturday, October 19, 2013

Girls Tunic Refash

My girl has been begging me to sew a project with her.

If you noticed it's been a while since I posted last.
My life has been in quite an upheaval lately 
and trying to balance everything was just about all I could handle.

But today isn't the day for that post.

Today is all about my girl.

I'm kind of obsessed with stripes.
Big Stripes.
Little Stripes.
Sideways Stripes.
Especially Chevron Stripes.

When I came across this American Eagle polo at Goodwill for $1, 
I was sold!
I thought about making it into a skirt, but she wanted a top.
Today she got what she wanted.

Ok. So here's the Before pic.
Just the right length for a tunic, but way too big, and that polo collar has to go.

While I had it on her, I marked where we would be cutting back with my quilting pen.

Here she is all ready to start cutting.

I don't know if you can see the marks on the shirt, but the cutting lines are there for her to follow.

Cut cut cut.

We could leave it at a sleeveless tunic but she wanted sleeves.
We don't wear tank tops around here and she didn't want to have to wear another shirt underneath.

We decided to keep the cuff on the original sleeve.
I just cut them down to fit the new top.

Now sew the side and shoulder seams.
Pin the sleeves in place, right sides together.

Sew up the side seams.  I kept the split ends and just roll-hemmed the sides.
The neck line got a piece of bias tape made from the extra fabric taken from the sides.
It was exactly enough.

Unfortunately the neck line was much too big, so took 2 pin tucks on either side of the button closure in the front to take in the extra fabric and fit it to her better.

A bit of a sassy back neck line.

Here you go Beautiful Girl!
Love you!

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  1. So cute (the girl and the shirt)! I TRY to refashion clothes on a regular basis. I have found that about one in three turns out to be a flop because I didn't take the time to measure or something. At least I didn't just spend a bunch on material!


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