Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pallet Wood Wall Art Round Up

I recently delivered my latest batch of Pallet Art to Jill over at Twigs and Twine.
Rather than do different posts of each piece,
I decided to just post all of them together in one big round up.

Here's a few pics of her space over at Zinnia's.


Just like the projects before, such as this one, and this one,
I used my sister's Cricut.
Some one asked my how I do my lettering so here's the quick how-to.

This is the big 12 inch Cricut.
It's called the Cricut Expression.
You can cut up to 24 inches in length and you can set it to fit the space you want.

I'm using the Home Accents Cartridge for the word art.
You can choose the word art you want or use an alphabet font to create your own.
One of the boards I did used this method.

Cut the Contact paper to fit the mat and press firmly to adhere to the mat, paper side down.
Load in to the machine and select the design you want.
I set the pressure to low since it is contact paper with a really thin thickness.
Regular paper would be a medium.
Cardstock would be a high.

Select the size you want and then hit cut.
It will tell you if the image will fit the space you have.

Let it work it's magic cutting the image you selected.
Unload the mat and carefully peel the contact paper off the mat.

For my boards I did a few ombre pieces.
It was fun doing these.
I really like the color wash effect and this was easy to do.

I used some white paint, along with 2 other colors.

Start with the white and paint one board with a dry brush.
Add some of the lightest shade of paint to the white and mix briefly.
Brush on the next board.

Since I'm doing two of the same pieces, there are 8 boards, 
2 of each color.

Gradually add more color to the original white and move to the next board.

Brush on with a dry brush in quick long strokes.

Let dry and screw the slats together the same as shown below.

Add some hanging hardware at this point or wait until the very end.

Then I used the negative of the contact paper and pressed it firmly to the board.
Pounce the paint in the open spaces like this project.
Let dry completely and gently remove the stencil.

I gave it a good sanding to age it a bit and then a clear coat of Polyurethane to seal it.

So here's the round up of the boards I did.

 These were done the same way, just not an ombre finish to the boards.

I wanted to do some green ombre boards as well.
Same process as the blue.
The letters were cut using the Billionaire cartridge and I placed them so they look welded together.

A little more Love.

Here's the last piece.
A green ombre with a gold "Family."

I love how they turned out,
plus I had fun playing around with paint color.

I hope you got some good inspiration from these boards.
I'd love to hear about it if you do!

I'm linking up over at Domestically Speaking!

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  1. Thank you so much for this great Cricut explanation. I'd love to get one but they look so confusing. Your boards are awesome!


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