Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some Love from Me to You

A little love already?

It's not really close to Valentine's Day yet,
but I've been wanting to do something big and I had this board
left from the JOY signs like this one I made before Christmas.

The best part is that I could use this sign any time of year, not just for Valentine's.
This piece went over to the new location of Twigs and Twine along with 
another batch of signs that I will share soon.

The boards are cut from a normal size sheet of plywood.
I had the guy at Home Depot cut it into 4 pieces for me.

After I got it home, I did a light sanding of all the edges to smooth them out a bit.

Next was a treatment of my apple cider vinegar stain all around the edges.
I didn't do the center, except for a few random places.

Next a dry brush coat of a tan paint.

Then a few random places of color.  I added some red and some turquoise.
After that a few patches of vasilene wiped on randomly.
Usually I put the vasilene over the color patches.

Last was a dry brush coat of white.

I rubbed off some of the patches of vasilene to reveal some of the color beneath.
It gives it a chipy paint effect that I just love!

For the letters, I cut them out of some brown paper grocery bags from WinCo.
Then placed them on the board in the design I wanted, and traced around them with a pencil.

Finally 2 coats of red carefully painted within the pencil outlines.
A coat of Polyurethane protects the whole piece.

Happy Early Valentine's Day
with a bit of LOVE from me!

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  1. What a cute sign! I would like to make one of these sometime, but I don't know if I will ever get around to making it. :)


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