Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anthropologie and Silverware

My living room seriously needs some fabric.  I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas.  Here's a few:

This came from here.

Ruffled Shower Curtain 2
These came from here.

Of course these came from here.

Since I'm not spending $268 on drapes, I decided to make my own.  Mine cost a total of $14.  That was for another Queen Flat sheet.  I already had a king flat and fitted.  And I got the rods from Freecycle. It's a Yahoo group that is in my area.  You sign up and then get emails for things people are giving away for free.  I got three continental rods.  I used two of them for this project.

First hem the panels to fit your window and make the rod pocket to fit your rod.  My panels touch the floor, but don't puddle.  The width is just about 10-12 inches wider than the window to allow for the slight gather and the return back to the wall.

 Next tear up the fitted sheet.  I did some small, kinda small, and large strips.  The easiest way to do the strips is to cut a little then rip the fabric the rest of the way.  I didn't hem any of it.  Then gather up all the strips like shown.  If you don't have a gathering foot, this will take FOREVER!  Time consuming but well worth it.  I have a gathering foot so it was a snap!

Divide up the gathered strips. I am doing 3 panels so I have 3 piles.
 Next lay out the panels and place the gathered strips in a design.  It was fun to play with the design.  2 of the panels are pretty much identical.  The other one is a mirror image.  You'll see why in the finished pics.

Pin everything down well and sew in place.  It was a little awkward but just keep straightening and adjusting and you'll be fine.

I added two of the large ruffles to the bottom edge of each panel. Sorry it's upside down. That's how it ended up on my ironing board.
Now iron everything.  I ironed the small ruffles too.
 This one is not ironed.
 This one is.  Can you see the difference?  I like the pressed look much better.

Now install your rods and hang the curtains.

I needed some tie-backs and thought I'd use some silverware left over from my last drapery project. This time I used spoons.
Drill the hole in the handle of the spoon and screw into the wall.  Bend the spoon to create the tie-back.

 Here's the closeup.

And another look.

Pretty and done.  Love it!  and they only cost $14.  Awesome!

I got the best compliment on these the other day.  A neighbor came over and said they needed to get some drapes like these for their home.  I said I'd be happy to make some for them, and He said, "Oh, I thought you got them at Dillards or Macy's."

I melted.

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  1. you're amazing! i could never it make something like that and have it actually turn out. looks great.


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