Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bookshelf re-done

Tivoli Glass Cabinet - Tuscan Chestnut stain
 Ok. So I'm in love with Pottery Barn.  Who isn't really?  I found this gorgeous new Tuscan finish on their furniture and had to try.

Mine only cost $15.  That was for the stain and the wax. I got the bookshelf again from Freecycle.

 I used Minwax stain in Ebony.

 Here's the bookshelf washed and sanded.
 Then with a damp cloth I wiped away all dust and anything left over from sanding.
 Next I applied a thin coat of the ebony stain all over.  Let sit about 15 minutes and wipe away any excess stain.  Let dry overnight.
 Now sand the pieces in various places to reveal the wood underneath.

 I did a little extra hard sanding on the corners and edges.

 Now apply a wax finish according to instructions.  Wipe on with cheesecloth, let sit 15 minutes and buff with a clean dry cloth.
Minwax® Paste Finishing WaxI seriously love this stuff.  It's easy to apply and gives a great finish.

Here's some pics of the finished bookcase.

The furniture bug has bitten.  I can't wait to find my next project.

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